Global Warming is only one Symptom of Using Fossil Fuels

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Global Warming is only one Symptom of Using Fossil Fuels Empty Global Warming is only one Symptom of Using Fossil Fuels

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Everyone needs to read

"Taking into account current consumption rates, anticipated global population growth, and modest economic growth in Europe, North America, China, and India, then conventional oil will last less than 30 years, natural gas will run out in less than 50 years, and coal will last less than 100 years. "

EXCERPTS from "Beyond Fossil Fools" by Joseph M. Shuster

"At the world's current rate of use of oil - 30 billion barrels per year - conventional oil reserves will last 37 years. By 2044 the world is bone dry."

"U.S. drivers would blow the entire ANWAR reserves out of their collective tailpipes in less than 8 months."

"More people are killed by air pollution than by auto accidents."

"Coal-burning power plants release much more radioactivity per day than nuclear power plants."

"Keep in mind that any proposed solution that is without quantification and a firm timetable is not a plan; it is only a dream."

"Neither wind alone nor sun alone -- nor a combination of the two -- will solve the energy problems confronting the world and the United States. Yet wind will be part of the solution."

"All of the wind energy produced worldwide through 2006 is less than 1 percent of the total energy used in the United States."

"This subsidy is the legendary Robin Hood story in reverse. In 2006 the top 4 oil companies earned $107 billion dollars."

"If the government wants to promote the use of biofuels, then mandate their use. Governments should quit playing money games that distort the realities of an industry."

"Only nuclear energy delivered by modern fast neutron reactors can rescue the world from energy disaster -- simple as that."

"Nuclear energy from fast neutron reactors resolves every energy issue facing the world today -- depletion of oil, pollution from fossil fuels, and even the prospect of global warming from greenhouse gases."

" 'Technology has now progressed to the point where the activist fear-mongering about the safety of nuclear energy bears no semblance to reality.' "

"GNEP will contribute to world peace because nations will have no need to fight energy wars as fossil-fuel resources run out."

"Rather than store the waste on-site or in some repository such as Yucca Mountain for 10,000 years or more, fast neutron reactors will re-use nearly all of the waste as fuel -- the ultimate recycling process."

"A Chernobyl-like accident cannot happen because U.S. reactors are designed differently and include a containment building."

"Natural Gas, the next safest energy source compared to nuclear, has a fatality rate 10 times higher than nuclear."

"More vehicles will be produced in the next 20 years than during the whole of the twentieth century."

"The EPA tests misrepresent the miles per gallon for cars and trucks 90 percent of the time and always in favor of the car manufacturers."

"Either automakers don't think global warming is a problem, or they don't care, or ignoring the problems is more profitable."

"All-electric cars are the ultimate goal, because the fuel costs for operating all-electric cars would be 6-10 times less than the costs for operating internal combustion engines, assuming a comparable 'fuel' tax."

"According to Tesla, if one uses off-peak current at 5 cents per kilowatt hour, then the fuel cost would be approximately 1 cent per mile."

"Every individual, government, corporation, organization, and school should adopt this slogan: 'Energy Independence by 2040."

"Offshore drilling in the United States makes little sense because it costs approximately the same as recovering oil from oil shale, and is much riskier. Approximately 2 trillion barrels of recoverable oil sit in U.S. oil shale deposits, a total roughly equivalent to all conventional oil ever discovered."

"America never really had a coherent energy policy. The United States muddled through as national leaders let Big Oil and Big Coal call the shots."

"The public pays some environmental price for deploying every known energy source -- even for wind and solar energy. The best we can do is to choose wisely between the alternatives. The worst choice is coal. The next worse choice is oil."

"Procrastination is quickly becoming our most formidable obstacle to clean power, energy independence, and a reasonable economic future."

"A transition to clean, affordable, renewable energy will be surprisingly affordable, but we must act now with all the resources we can bring to bear. The worst thing is to do nothing or delay. We no longer have the gift of time."

"Any new nuclear plant will be safer and more efficient than any built in the past. The United States has over 30 years of exceptionally safe operating experience -- the safest of any industry."

"The bridge for a 30-year transition to all renewables will be difficult, but manageable. A bridge for a 50-year transition will be very dificult, and consequently the world will probably be unable to avoid extreme economic difficulties."

"There you have it. We can grab the moment and the opportunity, or we can go on as usual and apply a multitude of ineffective Band-Aid fixes. Which will it be? Your children and grandchildren want to know.

I am encouraged. Americans typically choose to do the right thing during crises. And this is a crisis. Doing the right thing it this crisis will not cost one American life. In fact, over the proposed 30-year time frame, it will not cost the American people any money either. As the United States helps other nations solve their energy and environmental problems through GNEP and other programs, America would once again assert her leadership role by helping the world win the colossal world energy war -- a war at least as serious as any the United States or the world has faced in the past.

Indeed, with diligent effort the United States can transform a colossal problem, a perfect storm of epic proportions and cataclysimic prospects, into a golden opportunity and a glorious future.

I sincerely hope this book stimulates optimism, courage, spirited discussion, and rapid action."

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