Review of HOST4PROFIT Webhosting

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Review of HOST4PROFIT Webhosting

Post  Admin on Fri May 22, 2009 4:17 pm

By: William H. Stewart

I just want to thank you for brilliant technical support. Once again you have come up with a superb response,

to the point, on target, with multiple options for a resolution in a very timely manner. If only one-tenth of all the sites

I deal with came even close to your abilities, I believe I might be in cyber-heaven.
1. I can't see that any one has been using the Odessa videos, but I will look again.
2. What video editor do you suggest?
3. I will save the videos in MPEG format. Maybe they are being seen a lot this month because I directed a lot of traffic

to DiscountTravelandPhotography section.
4. Feel free to quote this as a testimonial. I almost never give testimonials out of the thousands of sites I belong to but

you guys are superb and worth the extra money over and above what I might be able to find on the cheap,even

without the fact that I can get $10 commissions for everyone I recruit.
5. I will post this verbatim in my Performance Review section of Scam Reports and Performance Reviews.

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