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Title:    Review of Panda Research Empty Title: Review of Panda Research

Post  Admin on Fri May 22, 2009 4:35 pm

By: William H. Stewart

This review was originally written on 10/29/2007.
This web site has many sign up opportunities and not all of the companies that you sign up for
behave the same way. Also, it has been 3 weeks since I initially signed up for 14 different trial
subscriptions and many of the trial subscriptions have been cancelled and the trial periods have
elapsed after being cancelled and I have only been approved for $18:
Payouts till Date : Accumulated : $ 187.0
Paid : $ 0.0
Pending : $ 169.0
Approved : $ 18.0

From Panda Research Terms & Conditions

"PROVIDE CASH INCENTIVES. PandaResearch offers cash incentives to members in exchange for

completing surveys and signup for trial offers. Members won't be eligible for cash incentives by only

completing the surveys. Signing up for the offers, advertised by our partners, is necessary in order to

be eligible for cash incentives. If you complete a survey and sign up for the corresponding offer, it will

take upto 8 weeks to receive the cash funds from the advertiser. Please do not delete the confirmation

emails you receive from the advertisers. These confirmation emails are required in order for us to investigate

if your account is not credited in 8 weeks. The funds will be sent to the paypal e-mail address registered

on file with PandaResearch. If your e-mail address changes and funds have already been sent to your

e-mail address on file, PandaResearch cannot redirect the funds to your new address. You can change your

paypal e-mail address in PandaResearch at any time. PayPal.com is a FREE service that allows you to

instantly receive cash over the Internet. Cash payments will only be made after the member's qualification

to participate in a particular survey has been verified by PandaResearch, the member completes that survey

and offer. PandaResearch is not responsible if you lose, or misplace your funds via email. All cash payment

amounts may be changed or modified at any time and at the discretion of PandaResearch. Members are

responsible for any taxes due as a result of payments made for their participation in PandaResearch.

*Note: Payments will be transferred to your PayPal Account. It will take at least 90 days from the

Requested Date, after verification.

About The Author: William H. Stewart is the President of International Computers & Technology LLC
which owns http://www.WebSuccess4You.biz. He also works at DHS.gov, has an MBA from
The George Washington University. For further warnings about internet fraud and scams, please refer to

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