12%/Day for 12 Days:Auto Surf for Money-Don't Believe It!

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12%/Day for 12 Days:Auto Surf for Money-Don''t Believe It!

Post  Admin on Fri May 22, 2009 4:51 pm

By: William H. Stewart

VivaSurf.US owes me $3634.92 out of $3711.32. AlertPay has all the information to back this up. VivaSurf.us has owed me $1953.01 since June 15, 2006, $630 since July 2, 2006 and $372.30 since January 11, 2007 and has only paid me from VivaSurf.com { as recorded in AlertPay }, a total of $76.40. That is why VivaSurf.us can afford to pay everyone else. They have all of my money. The history file in my member's area is incorrect, but AlertPay can see what I paid them and what they owe me .But after a few emails even Alert Pay will not answer my complaints after VivaSurf.us paid me a measily $51.40 .

Robert Kempster, the owner of both VivaSurf.com and VivaSurf.us, understands that the FBI,SEC, FTC and the Attorney Generals of the states concerned do not investigate corruption and fraud without a lot of complaints. So Robert Kempster picks someone who has paid for a lot of advertising and then pays them back almost nothing so they cannot say they have not been paid and then makes sure to pay everyone else, maybe with my money.

I was ripped off by 24DailyPro for $1700 that's why I know this. The FBI, FTC, SEC and Attorney General's offices DO NOT PROTECT YOU. They protect their own reputatiions. Robert Kempster has been told that I will expose him on Forums like this unless I am paid a substantial amount of the money that I am owed, but he has refused to do that. Now I will be trashed by the people who read this for trying to alert other people to the kind of scam that many AutoSurf companies perpetuate: the one who puts down hundreds or thousands get ripped off while the people who put down small amounts get paid.

Do I need to repeat this? Please never put any more than $100 on an AutoSurf for money upgrade. Let me rephrase that: You should never put anything over $100 on an AutoSurf for money Upgrade, probably nothing more than $50, or your payment will be delayed and possibly never paid. I want to save everyone else from what I have learned. I certainly am not lying, nor would ever intentionally discredit someone without absolute certainty concerning what the facts are. I am not referring to legitimate autosurf

traffic exchanges where you can buy traffic for a price,such SmileyTraffic, ClickEvolution or BestFreeTraffic.net These 3 companies

are highly moral and very reliable.

Thank you for reading this. Spread the word.

About The Author: William H. Stewart is the President of International Computers & Technology LLC
which owns http://www.WebSuccess4You.biz. He also works at DHS.gov, has an MBA from
The George Washington University. For further warnings about internet fraud and scams, please refer to

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