Get in on what could be the largest one-day dividend in U.S.

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Get in on what could be the largest one-day dividend in U.S. Empty Get in on what could be the largest one-day dividend in U.S.

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Please feel free to post your ideas as to the name of the company the article is referring to:

"Dear Reader,

One of our analysts recently found what could be the single best investment opportunity of 2010...

In short, a very small New Jersey company has indicated to the SEC its intent to offer what could go down as the LARGEST stock dividend in U.S. market history.

Just how much may they pay out, exactly?

Well, we believe it's possible that this dividend could be as high as 100%. In other words, assuming the share price is $6 when you buy... you could get $6 back for every share you own.

So you could get 100% of your investment back in a single day... and you'd still own your shares, essentially free of charge.

On the low end, we estimate you could receive a 60% dividend... and of course, would still retain ownership of your shares.

Overall, we believe this could be the absolute best and safest investment opportunity of 2010. It's a situation in which you have the potential to safely earn 60% to 100% in total... with very little risk.

And I haven't even told you the most incredible part...

Because the company is very small and this deal is complicated, few people in the investment world know about it. (Those who do have literally invested millions for the chance to capitalize on the opportunity.)

In other words, there is a way for you to possibly get in on this opportunity BEFORE the enormous dividend is announced to the general public.

Believe me, when this information does go public, the share price will likely shoot up as investors clamor to take advantage of such a large one-day windfall.

Why is this company potentially paying so much to shareholders in a single day?

And how do we know about it BEFORE there has been a public announcement?

Let me explain...

A deal that could double your money – overnight

The reason we have this opportunity before us today is because it involves a small business, involved in a rather complicated deal.

You likely haven't heard of this company...

But in the world of healthcare, the firm is considered a true pioneer, having perfected a niche drug to treat a severe immune deficiency syndrome and another to treat a common type of cancer in children.

Why Wall Street missed this opportunity...

If you aren't intimately familiar with the healthcare industry, it's almost impossible to evaluate the value of a new drug... the likelihood of a medical device getting FDA approval... or the cost of research and development (R&D).

That's why Warren Buffett, the most successful investor of all time says he won't invest in businesses he doesn't understand. "Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing," he says.

And that's the #1 reason so few big Wall Street analysts cover biotech stocks. They simply don't understand the industry.

The second reason is that many of Wall Street's biggest firms are not allowed to invest in very small companies.

These stocks can be too tiny for most trading institutions to take advantage of. And, large mutual funds and hedge funds typically cannot build large enough positions (without driving up stock prices) to make such trades worthwhile.
It is these drugs – plus two other specialty medications – that are central to a recent deal signed between this New Jersey-based company and a European drug maker that specializes in marketing niche drugs.

The details of the contractual agreement – inked just a few weeks ago – were filed with the SEC on November 9th, 2009.

It's a complicated deal, involving about $27 million based on sales milestones, and future royalty payments too.

But what's most important for you to know is that there will be a $300 million UP FRONT cash payment from the sale of a portion of the New Jersey company's business, including the four drugs.

In other words, the firm is selling four potentially profitable drugs... for about $300 million in cash.

Relative to the N.J.-based company's size, $300 million is a HUGE payment... almost two-thirds of market cap...

Better still, the SEC filing also disclosed that the company's Board of Directors "is evaluating options to return most of the value of this sale to shareholders."

In other words... they have committed to paying a huge special dividend, but have yet to make an official announcement to the investing public.

How do we know that this company will deliver on its promise to pay shareholders the $300 million in cash?

Well, it has to do with a man Fortune calls "the hottest investor in America."

Let me explain...

How one man built a $9 billion fortune
from opportunities like this...

I don't know if you've heard of Carl Icahn or not.

Icahn is "a legend on Wall Street."
~ Business Week
He is, quite simply, one of the best investors in the world, who arranges incredible deals for the benefit of himself and his fellow shareholders.

"Icahn gets in there and makes a difference," Jake Dollarhide, CEO of Longbow Asset Management tells Bloomberg.

Over the years, Carl Icahn has built his $9 billion fortune by "actively" investing in companies similar to this NJ-based firm.

For example:

In 2007, Mr. Icahn bought 7.2 million shares – a 6.7% stake – of the paper producer Temple-Inland (TIN). He wanted management to free up capital that could be returned to shareholders in the form of a special dividend, so he called for the company to restructure...

And as Forbes says, "What Carl wants, Carl gets."

TIN restructured the business and sold 1.6 million acres of timberland to the Campbell Group, a timber investment management company. Delighted shareholders pocketed a special dividend of $10.25 per share from the proceeds. Icahn, as one of the major shareholders, made $73.8 million from the deal.

More recently, Mr. Icahn had similar success with the media company, Time Warner Inc...

In 2005, he bought 55 million shares of Time Warner, the world's largest media company... and immediately proposed that Time Warner Cable be spun off from Time Warner so that the proceeds could be distributed to shareholders as a special dividend.

Earlier this year, the spin-off took place... and an eye-popping $10.9 BILLION one-day special dividend was paid to shareholders – a $10.27 dividend per share.

In short, for four decades, Carl Icahn has bought up large chunks of companies... and arranged deals that made him a lot of money, because he owns so many shares.

He has been an activist investor in diverse industries such as airlines... oil companies... and publishers.

Of course, you aren't likely to make as much money as Icahn, but you can occasionally invest right alongside him... and have the opportunity to see incredible gains in a very short amount of time.

And that brings us to today...

You see, about five years ago, Mr. Icahn turned his attention to the biotech sector, where he's had some astounding successes...

"What Carl wants, Carl gets."
~ Forbes

The biotech sector has been a goldmine for Carl Icahn.

For instance, Icahn bought nearly 12 million shares of Imclone, maker of a blockbuster cancer drug, for $390 million in 2006.

He was subsequently elected Chairman of the Board and installed two long-time allies, Richard C. Mulligan and Dr. Alexander Denner (who is the Managing Director of Mr. Icahn's business interests).

Icahn believed ImClone stock was undervalued and that shareholders were not getting properly rewarded.

So what did he do?

He orchestrated a buyout, and promised shareholders that he'd only accept an offer of 50% more than what the stock was trading for.

Icahn initiated a bidding war between 3 Big Pharma companies... and within weeks, Imclone was sold to Eli Lilly for $70 a share... a 51% return for shareholders. Icahn made over $400 million on his investment.

He did it again at the vaccine producer, MedImmune Inc., when he bought 2.8 million shares in 2007.

What's incredible about this deal is that Mr. Icahn wasn't even a member of MedImmune's Board, yet he almost single-handedly orchestrated the sale of the company to AstraZeneca for $15.6 billion.

As Forbes points out, "Where Carl Icahn goes, corporate actions follow."

And as a result, MedImmune shareholders saw a 53% return from the deal.

In short, "[Icahn] may be making more money for shareholders than any other activist on the planet," reports Fortune.

And this brings us to today's opportunity, which is Icahn's next deal...

So far, Mr. Icahn has poured $34 million into the New Jersey company we've been following – that's 7% of the shares outstanding. He also has options exposure to another 7% of the business.

In January 2009, Icahn proposed that Mulligan and Denner, the same two men he'd worked with on the ImClone deal, be elected to the New Jersey firm's Board.

Shortly afterward, the three men began negotiations with a European niche drug maker... and in November, they signed an agreement to sell the company's four specialty drugs for $300 million in cash.

And as I mentioned earlier, they're considering ways to return that money to shareholders before March 31st, 2010. (Of course... Icahn is not doing this for charity... as one of the largest shareholders, he stands to make a fortune.)

But the great thing is, because the details of the special dividend have yet to be announced, you could make a lot of money, with very little risk, by joining Carl Icahn on this deal.

In short... if you get in alongside this billionaire investor today, we believe you could potentially double your money in a single day.

But before I go any further, there are a few things you need to know about this incredible opportunity...

You must be willing to wait until March 31st

If you are antsy to get paid in the next few days... or even the next few weeks, this opportunity may not be right for you.

That's because we can't tell you the exact date this dividend will be paid. We also can't tell you exactly how this dividend will be paid.

Obviously, there are no guarantees in the investment world. No investment (not even U.S. Government bonds) is 100% guaranteed. We could have a major war, or there could be a financial meltdown.

But we can tell you, with as much certainty as anything in the markets right now, that it will likely be paid in the first quarter of 2010, between January 4th and March 31st.

Carl Icahn and the other Board members are still deciding what specifically they'll do with the proceeds of the sale... and whether or not to pay all cash... or a mixture of cash and shares...

Whatever they decide, we are very confident that the total payout could be at least 60%... and as much as 100%.

In short, as far as we know, this could be the largest special dividend in U.S. stock market history.

The point is, you need to have a little patience... but we believe your patience could be very well rewarded.

Remember, we're not looking to make 10 times our money in 5 days. This is a moderately conservative play, with the potential to double your money before March 31st, 2010.

You should know that this kind of opportunity is rare. It's unlikely there will be many deals this good in the entire next year.

But when these opportunities arise... they can be among the absolute best deals in the investment world.

So how did we hear about these unique situations, exactly, and how can you get in on this potential windfall?

Let me explain...

Classroom smarts and on-the-job
experience: A profitable combination...

Dr. George Huang, PhD., is one of the smartest guys I've met.

He was admitted to college at the age of 15 and published his first peer-reviewed paper at age 22. At Johns Hopkins, he graduated with a PhD in Molecular Medicine under a Nobel Laureate. And he's fluent in 3 languages.

He's also worked in the venture-capital arena, securing private seed money for a Vancouver-based firm.

Of course, in the investment research industry, academic excellence doesn't always translate into sound analysis and successful stock recommendations.

So when Dr. Huang first approached us in 2008, we were cautious.

We checked out his resume exhaustively... but before we could let him recommend opportunities for our subscribers, we wanted to beta test his work.

The results were astonishing... and he had the trading receipts to prove gains of as much as 410%, and in only 6 weeks!

That's when we set him loose to create what has turned out to be one of the most successful research letters we've published in 10 years in the business...

It's called The FDA Report.

Focused on quick-moving trading opportunities in the medical field, Dr. Huang's research uses his academic background (and contacts in the industry) to uncover some of the more obscure, yet very profitable opportunities in the market...

Like the New Jersey-based biotech company I've been telling you about.

Dr. Huang uncovered the details of this situation while poring through the company's financial documents in early November.

"When I did the math, and saw how safe and potentially profitable this trading opportunity is, I almost leapt in joy," he emailed. "I expect this to be our top trade in 2010."

We've only seen him this excited once before...

It was at precisely this time last year, when Dr. Huang alerted his readers: "If you make only one trade for 2009, this is it. We will double our money on QLT next year, with almost no risk."

And as it happened, the play worked out exactly as he said it would...

"I bought QLTI and made more than
100% in less than 2 months!"

That's what FDA Report subscriber Bob Jessheim wrote us...

You see, last December, Dr. Huang told FDA Report readers about a tiny firm in Vancouver called QLT.

At the time, it was trading for just $2 a share.

There was nothing exciting about the company. It didn't have a new miracle drug waiting for FDA approval... a research break-through... or any upcoming partnerships. To most people, it was a loser.

But when Dr. Huang analyzed both the scientific and financial details of the company, he discovered that this little-known biotech firm receives royalty payments on two drugs that together generate $350 million in sales per year.

He immediately recommended the stock to his FDA Report readers, writing: "They are looking to return cash to shareholders via a special dividend or share repurchase."

Sure enough, in just seven months, the company did exactly what Dr. Huang said it would... and his readers saw a 98% gain.

But that's just one example of what Dr. Huang uncovers in The FDA Report...

Truth is, he has one of the best track records of any advisory letter in S&A history:

In 2009 alone, Dr. Huang has shown his readers 12 double-digit winners and 4 triple-digit winners.


* Last fall, Dr. Huang predicted that a company called Intermune (ITMN) would see positive results for its Phase III trial of pirfenidone, a lung drug. His readers had the opportunity to make 88% gains in 14 days... and 105% gains in just 7 weeks, with the drug maker Dendreon (DNDN).

* Soon after, Dr. Huang uncovered a regulatory "loophole" in the FDA's drug approval process. Readers who followed his advice saw 49% gains in 3 months on ViroPharma (VPHM).

* He also predicted that the FDA would not require new trials from Indevus (IDEV), the "male menopause" drug maker. Readers saw a 74% gain in 6 months.

* And April 2009, Dr. Huang closed out a trade on Genentech Inc. (DNA) after correctly predicting a successful buyout. FDA Report subscribers saw a nearly 100% gain in just 4 months.

As you can see, Dr. Huang has been very successful...

...But what really matters is how
subscribers do with his research

Dr. Huang's trading recommendations have outperformed our most optimistic expectations...

"The FDA Report is the only newsletter that has consistently made me money in the past year. I've made 100% on IDEV, 160% on SPPI, 25% on DYAX, and 40% on DNDN."
R.R., Chesapeake, VA

"It's been fun following your picks... I made 70% in 4 weeks with Intermune!"
P.S., Lancaster, PA

In short, when it comes to the medical sector, Dr. Huang has found a way to make money with just about every situation you can imagine... drug approvals... buyouts... even failed drugs.

Let me show you what I mean...

83% in 60 DAYS

You remember the story about ImClone (IMCL), one of billionaire investor Carl Icahn's most successful biotech endeavors?

Well, Dr. Huang was all over it...

In the space of just 4 weeks, FDA Report readers had the chance to make 59% on ImClone...

Some subscribers made even more on Dr. Huang's buyout predictions...

* 83% in 60 days on Alpharma

* 99% in 6 months on Wyeth

* 88% in 14 days on Intermune

FDA Report subscribers have made a fortune...

"Dr. Huang, great call on Genentech... I pocketed $22,000"
J.R., Stanford, Ca

"It's been a bit over a year now and I have to say that the results have been nothing short of spectacular, especially compared to what the overall market has done over the past year... I made 190% with IDEV and 200% with SPPI."
H.C., Chelmsford, MA

And that's not all...

Dr. Huang has even found a way to make money on FAILED drugs!

80% return even when drugs fail

I'm sure I don't have to tell you that one of the most profitable things you can do in America is develop a new drug to treat a debilitating disease.

The rewards are simply staggering...

For example, drug companies can charge about $20,000 per year for a single successful drug. It's no wonder blockbuster drug makers go from penny stocks to household names.

But what most investors don't know is that you can make a fortune every time a new drug FAILS. And because new drugs fail 80% of the time... well... you could make an absolute fortune on these situations, often overnight.

In fact, it's a secret Dr. Huang has used personally, in his own trading account, to predictably and consistently make a killing in the pharmaceutical industry:

For example, not too long ago, a company called Introgen (INGN) began touting their new cancer drug, Advexin. Shares of Introgen topped $3 as mainstream investors piled in.

But when he investigated the company... and the science behind the drug... Dr. Huang realized that the drug could never work. When it failed at the FDA, Dr. Huang made 80% as the stock crashed.

And then...

Several months ago, a company called Electro-Optical Sciences (MELA) began developing a device to screen for skin cancer. Anticipation of the trial results pushed the stock to almost $10... but Dr. Huang knew the device would never make it past the FDA. Sure enough, he made a quick 60% profit.

These opportunities are everywhere. You just have to know where to find them.

After spending years working in the biotech sector alongside the scientists and doctors behind clinical drug trials, Dr. Huang knows exactly what to look for.

In July 2009, for example, Dr. Huang knew that the stem-cell drug produced by Osiris Therapeutics (OSIR) would FAIL its Phase III trials at the FDA this month.

By recommending a unique play to take advantage of this situation, Dr. Huang has already shown his readers a 59% gain.

Believe me, nothing quite like Dr. Huang's FDA Report advisory newsletter exists anywhere in the financial world.

Whether it's a new drug approval... failed drug trial... buyout... even a stock trade like the New Jersey-based company Dr. Huang is recommending now – his readers have consistently seen huge returns.

As FDA subscriber Joseph Menth writes:

What are Dr. Huang's credentials?

He might just be the smartest person I've ever met in my career.

He graduated high school 3 years early.

Then, at the age of 19, he landed a venture-capital job, securing private seed money for a Vancouver-based firm called Helios Bioinformatics Inc.

He then spent 5 years at one of the top medical schools in America, Johns Hopkins.

He earned his PhD in Cellular & Molecular Medicine (CMM) under the mentorship of the 2003 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry.

Not to mention... he's fluent in 3 languages... and is attaining fluency in a fourth...
"I have been giving FDA teasers to a friend at work, but up till last week he hadn't made a move on any S&A newsletter. But when I crowed to him about closing an FDA pick for 413%, I had his attention. When I added that the only other FDA pick I had closed this year did 198%, he asked for a link and signed up that day."

Of course, the situation Dr. Huang is most excited about right now is the NJ-based biotech company I've been telling you about...

As I mentioned, we don't know the exact date this small company might pay the special dividend.

But the Board of Directors – chaired by billionaire Carl Icahn's right-hand man – is deciding what the company will do with the proceeds of the sale, as I write...

How much could investors expect to receive?

Well, with Carl Icahn behind this deal, Dr. Huang believes it could be between 60% and 100%.

In short, it could be the biggest dividend in stock market history.

If you get in alongside this billionaire investor today, you could possibly double your money in a single day.

But before I tell you how to get started... let me make something clear:

The FDA Report is not for everyone

If you're only interested in taking a "buy-and-hold" approach to your investing, The FDA Report may not be right for you. It's not meant for beginners.

Dr. Huang uses a trading strategy, focusing only on opportunities that offer abnormally quick returns... in a matter of weeks, sometimes, even days.

So if you've never bought an option or shorted a stock before, and never intend to, then I suggest you look elsewhere.

That said, every play Dr. Huang recommends is clearly outlined and explained in a simple, step-by-step manner, so you understand exactly what to do.

FDA Report subscriber Dan Quartin agrees:

"Even a layperson can understand what's going on. Thanks for the great picks and insightful commentary."

So how much does The FDA Report cost?

Well, in the past, we've charged $5,000 a year for similar research.

But, beginning right now and ending shortly, we're going to make it much easier for you to give this research letter a try...

We're offering The FDA Report at a HUGE discount.

If you get in before this offer expires... you can receive one full year of The FDA Report for just $1,200.

Considering the hours of work and the depth of analysis Dr. Huang does every month, $1,200 is an absolute bargain.

Even better, we'll give you 90 days to decide whether or not Dr. Huang's research is right for you. If it's not... of if you're unhappy for any reason... no problem.

Just let us know and we'll give you a refund, minus a small 10% processing fee.

Personally, I think getting The FDA Report for $1,200 a year is an absolute steal, considering that just one of his recommendations could help you make 10 times that amount.

The truth is, there are very few people in the investment world who understand enough about science and enough about finance to see the potential of these situations.

Dr. Huang is one of those few people.

And it gives him (and his readers) an incredible advantage in the markets...

As his readers are saying:

"I made 186% gains on Indevus. The profit was more than enough to pay for another year of FDA. I'm expecting even better returns from FDA in the coming year."
H.C., Spartansburg, SC

"I have made some quite spectacular gains... the Spectrum trade alone paid for my subscription cost!"
M.M., Cherry Hill, NJ

"I bought QLTI and made more than 100% in less than 2 months. This more than pays for the subscription. Most (if not all) your stock picks have been home runs. Remarkable!"
B.J., Bethesda, MD

The fact is – you could easily make back the entire subscription cost by getting in on the New Jersey-based biotech company I've told you about today. Remember, you could double your money, overnight.

You'll find full details of the play in Dr. Huang's newest report: My Top Trade for 2010.

Here's what you'll receive as a new FDA Report member...

What you'll receive as a new subscriber

When you sign up to receive The S&A FDA Report, you'll immediately begin receiving Dr. Huang's monthly trading research reports... the kind of picks that have returned:

* 105% in 2 months...

* 142% in 2 months...

* 88% in 14 days...

(In fact, just days ago, he closed a play for a 95% gain in just 2 months.)

In the next 5 minutes, you'll receive access to...

Special Report: My top trade for 2010. This members-only report details what Dr. Huang believes is the absolute best and safest investment opportunity of 2010. It's a situation in which you could have the opportunity to safely pocket a special dividend of 60% to 100%... with very little risk. And because the details of the special dividend have yet to be announced, you could make a lot of money by joining Carl Icahn on this deal.

FDA Report Trading Primer: This special report will explain everything you need to know about Dr. Huang's trading strategies. Read it right away, before you review anything else. You'll learn the full details behind Dr. Huang's approach to making money in the medical sector, including many interesting techniques I didn't have time to explain in this letter.

FDA Report Monthly Issues: Every month, Dr. Huang will send you a new report – detailing the most recent trading opportunity he's found. Depending on what he uncovers, Dr. Huang will often recommend up to 2 to 4 new plays per issue.

FDA Report Trading Alerts: Throughout the month, Dr. Huang will keep you posted by email on every single play he recommends, as necessary. Use these alerts to optimize your gains and see even bigger returns with Dr. Huang's recommended portfolio.

To get started, Subscribe Now


George Rayburn
Publisher, Stansberry & Associates
December 2009

P.S. Don't forget... you can get the FDA Report for just $1,200 – a huge discount from the regular price. But this offer is available for a limited time. See the order form for more details.

Subscribe Now"

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Get in on what could be the largest one-day dividend in U.S. Empty My guess : Enzon Pharmaceuticals (ENZN)

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My guess: Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc (ENZN)…..-for-300m/…..nzon-pharm…..aceuticals

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"Rule of thumb is that if XYZ corp pays $x dividend, the stock will drop by $x. So, I’m skeptical of this tease for that reason. There could be a smaller share price drop if a large dividend is perceived as an indication XYZ is doing much better than expected. Or a larger share price drop if the perception is that the knuckleheads in management aren’t making the best use of corporate assets."

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