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BRGO gaining immense momentum Empty BRGO gaining immense momentum

Post  Admin on Tue Jan 05, 2010 5:07 pm

BRGO is gaining massive momentum, it is up nearly 50% since my alert

BRGO announces today that they are in final stages of negotiation with BWR. BWR is a PR firm that will manage Bergio's public relations and maintain links with celebrities and red carpet events. "

BRGO has traded as high as $1 last year, and has a $4.35 target at the moment, set by renown analyst firm GrassRootsResearch.

This would be a gain of over 900% from current levels

BRGO released a PR announcing that they are designing jewelry for none other than Denzel Washington's wife Paulette!

The Washington family is one of the most powerful and influential in hollywood. This could mean that Bergio's jewelry may be worn at big events such as the Grammies, and heavily displayed publicly for the world to see.

Several fashion brands became famous and recognizable world-wide almost overnight thanks to celebrities wearing them to high-profile events! We could definitely see other celebrities wearing Bergio products in the future!

The chart pattern is positive and is pointing north!

BRGO in a totally ground breaking PR announced that Neiman Marcus will be selling its jewelry collections!

Neiman Marcus is huge... they are the definition of class, fashion and luxury. For those of you who don't know who Neiman Marcus is.. It is one of the biggest high-end retailers in the world.

They are also the 109th biggest private company in North America with 3.64 billion in sales last year. They operate 6million square feet of stores accross the U.S in prime locations such as the strip in Las Vegas, the Galleria in Houston, Manhattan, Los Angeles, San Diego... and the list goes on and on.

Now, 11% of all of Neiman Marcus' sales are jewelry sales. That's a very big piece of the pie.

Being able to get Neiman Marcus to sell your jewlery in the world of fashion, is like being able to get Wal Mart to distribute your product in the world of discount retail.

Both have the biggest turn overs in the world, in their respective areas. It is a formula for success!

BRGO jewelry was shown in Allure magazine, Cosmopolitan, Martha Stewart Weddings, Bazaar, The Robb Report, Rosso Ferrari, and many more.

BRGO is in direct competition with companies such as publicly traded Blue Nile, however BN is at a big disadvantage as they only sell their products online.

BN's current sales are around $300million a year, and their shares were at one point exchanging hands as high as $100 which is over 1.5 billion dollar in market value.

About Bergio

Bergio is entering into its 20th year of operations and concentrates on boutique, upscale jewelry stores. It currently sells its jewelry to approximately 150 independent jewelry retailers across the United States. Bergio has spent millions in branding the Bergio brand through trade shows, trade advertising, national advertising and billboard advertising since launching the line in 1995. Bergio has manufacturing control over our line as a result of having a manufacturing facility in New Jersey as well as subcontracts with facilities in Italy and Bangkok.

Diamonds are forever, but everything else in the jewelry world is changing rapidly. New trends, especially in design and marketing, are reshaping the business terrain. Berge Abajian, creator of Bergio, was one to spot these emerging trends and his foresight has served his fast-rising company well.

Bergio began his fashion line in 1995, and in 2002 launched Bergio Bridal Collection, it is one of the top five best-selling bridal jewelry lines in the industry.

Today, Bergio is known for elegant designs manufactured in Italy and executed with masterful craftsmanship. European sensibility, glamorous yet timeless, is instilled into every piece. Colored stones, both precious and semi-precious, continue to animate the line.

Why is BRGO so much better than the competition?

- Completely unique and exclusive designs
- Elegant and innovative pieces
- Manufactured in Italy
- Fashion and Bridal product lines
- 20 years of trusted brand name "Bergio"

BRGO continues to strive and prosper through revolutionary new products and methods.

BRGO is rapidly gaining popularity in the $160 billion jewelry market worldwide, with $57 billion in the USA alone.

The sky is the limit for BRGO; continuously reaching for the stars with their majestic art.

You can check out their beautiful website at

Our last 4 picks jumped 2550%, 100%, 500% and 350%. We strongly believe that BRGO could be the next one to explode!

Add BRGO to your watch list: with a 4.35$ target, you don't want to miss out!

Happy Trading,
Your Penny Stocks Expert Editor.


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