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A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far Away...

"Supernova Gold"

...A star exploded, firing meteorite shrapnel toward Earth. It scattered in 5 major regions, on land and sea. Embedded in this space rock was an otherworldly element, which we call "Supernova Gold." Over the centuries, it's been used in everything from currencies to pharmaceuticals. Only today are scientists beginning to understand it on an atomic level... and unlock its amazing true potential.

This summer, a tiny 70-cent company stumbled onto a piece of the original explosion, which may contain the "Supernova Gold" mother lode. According to our calculations, when they tap this deposit, shares could jump 3,233% or more...

Dear Subscriber,

The idea I'm about to share will sound completely ridiculous, to say the least.

But as you'll soon see – no matter how crazy this story might seem – it's completely real. We've corroborated every assertion with factual and empirical proof.

My name is Frank Curzio. I'm the Editor of Phase 1 Investor, a small cap research advisory, published by Stansberry & Associates Investment Research– one of the world's leading independent financial publishing houses.

We investigate and publish financial ideas that mainstream, institutional finance won't talk about... or simply can't cover.

Recently, on a fact-finding tour of Eastern Asia... I found one of those ideas...

It's hands down, the most exciting (and unusual) moneymaking opportunity of my career.

You see, in a remote region of the globe – somewhere near the Strait of Malacca – a 70-cent mining stock has made an amazing discovery...

They've found one of the world's largest deposits of a metal we're calling "Supernova Gold."

Most folks don't know about it. But over the next 12 months, I'm confident this metal will be responsible for an incredible amount of wealth generation.

Making some investors extra-ordinarily rich in the process.

As the name suggests, "Supernova Gold" is not of this earth. As Oxford University researchers wrote, "The origin... has given rise to much debate."

Scientists believe many years ago, an exploding star sent this element hurdling toward Earth, where it scattered on land and sea. Today, based on the concentrations worldwide, we can see the blast radius covered 4-5 major hotspots in the world.

Neanderthals first used this space rock, melting it down for pigment in cave paintings. In the Ancient world, Spartan warriors used it in their shields, which were renowned for otherworldly hardness.

For many centuries, it lay untouched, until 1872 when a British warship commissioned by the Royal Society of London for an oceanographic mission uncovered "curious nodules that ranged from pea-sized to grapefruit-sized."

It was soon realized the nodules were "a potentially vast mineral resource."

In modern times, "Supernova Gold" – like traditional gold – has been used in currency.

During WWII – for several years – it was used in legal tender in the United States. And it's still used in millions of publicly distributed and privately owned coins today.

But unlike its popular cousin – which serves little purpose other than money or jewelry – or even silver or platinum, for that matter...

"Supernova Gold" has magnetic and oxidizing properties, making it incredibly valuable.

For instance, it's currently being used by the water industry... and by the oil industry (as an octane booster)...

According to researchers at University of California San Diego, "Supernova Gold" could be used "in a variety of NASA space exploration projects," including NASA's plan to put a laboratory on MARS.

But its most exciting value lies in its role as a new power source...

Thanks to advancements in nanotechnology, engineers have found they can manipulate the atomic properties of "Supernova Gold" in some pretty awesome ways...
"Imagine a cell phone battery that recharges in a few seconds and that you would never have to replace," writes Prachi Patel-Predd, a Princeton-educated engineer and tech writer.

According to an article published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), "Supernova Gold" can be manipulated to help create batteries that could last fifty years or more.

Using "Supernova Gold," scientists have been able to achieve control over the semiconductor on an atomic level, a feat Ali Yazdani, Professor of Physics at Princeton calls "the holy grail of electronics..."
Shorter-term, companies are using "Supernova Gold" right now to improve existing technologies... and to create new ones.

According to MIT, a new alloy containing 'Supernova Gold' could replace the power sources used in all kinds of electronics, including cell phones, laptops, pda's, and medical devices.

Consumer electronics giant Hitachi just used it to create a new power source for cell phones and laptops. Not only is the new battery source half the size, but it also lasts twice as long.

Nissan, GM, and Chevrolet are all using "Supernova Gold" to help power their first generation of electric vehicles – all slated for release in the next 12 months.

As the president of one mining company said recently, "Supernova Gold" could "be the birth of the real advancement of the electric and hybrid vehicle industry."

As you can probably see, this little-known metal has a lot of value. Not just for the consumer electronics and automotive industries... but for the U.S. Military as well. That's why the United States Government has classified "Supernova Gold" of national importance.

"The world has gone short of [it]. That's why there is a scramble to secure future supplies," said Peter Toth, former executive at BHP Billiton.

The supplies of high-grade 'Supernova Gold' are scarce... and the number of big mines is limited.

Which makes the discovery we recently learned about so potentially lucrative...

The company responsible for the discovery is so incredibly small – and the potential amount of "Supernova Gold" in their possession is so incredibly big...

That early shareholders in this investment could literally get rich with a single stake.

Just based on the numbers alone – the amount of 'Supernova Gold' these guys are probably sitting on... and recent prices – we're looking at a possible upside of 3,200%!!!

At that rate, you could receive more than $160,000 for every five thousand invested.

Now, I've spoken with the company – the CEO and geologists. They plan to start an intensive exploration program in the next month! The metal is just lying there. You can see it from aerial photographs...

But first, before I go any further, let me give you a little background...

'Supernova Gold' Strikes:

It doesn't happen very often...

But exposure to 'Supernova Gold' has historically caused people to become quite wealthy...

Take OM Holdings, a small producer you've probably never heard of. Several years ago, they discovered 'Supernova Gold' in Australia's Northern Territory. Shares jumped 5,122% in less than 2 years.

Had you invested $25,000 early on, you'd have over a million dollars today.

Or consider Aurora Minerals, an even smaller exploration firm, which made a similar 'Supernova Gold' discovery. Shares jumped 1,661% in less than a year.

Or how about Encounter Resources, a tiny company which stumbled onto a 'Supernova' field along a fault line in the Pacific region. Shares jumped 1,357%. As they continue to identify new zones in the prospect, the share price will likely continue to climb.

As you can see, exposure to 'Supernova Gold' deposits can make you a lot of money. Had you taken stakes in any one of these companies, you could have made hundreds of thousands in extra cash, in little time at all.

So what is "Supernova Gold"... and how could it start making you money today?

Let me show you...

"There is no substitute for [it]."
~Robin Bromby, Commodities author and journalist

Over the next 12 months, we're going to see a phenomenal opportunity to make money from "Supernova Gold."

It's going to start with the tiny company I mentioned earlier...

They're on track to tap a huge resource of 'Supernova Gold,' which could take these guys from penny stock status to bonafide player in little time at all.

I'll give you the details – and how I know about this – a bit later. For early investors, it could mean 2,000-4,000% gains.

Just imagine the money you have right now, and multiply it by twenty, thirty, or even forty times...

Why the great demand for "Supernova Gold" right now?

Well, for starters... China needs it– and they need it bad. You see, every time China wants to build something big – which they do, very frequently – like a bridge, a bullet train, a new building in Shanghai's financial district, a new aircraft, or oil rig...

They need 'Supernova Gold' to make it happen.

According to Helen O'Malley, an MIT & Cambridge-educated metals specialist,
"This is a market that's really driven by China, which is 'hoovering' up any... ['Supernova Gold'] it can get its hands on... The supply chain cannot really keep up."
My own experience confirms this...

I recently came back from a week-long trip to China... where I visited six major cities, toured several factories and companies... and interviewed close to a dozen executives, investors and money managers...

Overall: It was like the rest of the world didn't exist: China's economy is moving right along without the rest of us.

Cranes were everywhere. Barges carrying raw materials clogged the waterways.

At the heart of it all: "Supernova Gold."

You see, 'Supernova Gold' – like regular gold – is a transition metal. Meaning, it easily combines with other elements.

But what makes 'Supernova Gold' unique is what happens when it combines with other elements and compounds:
Add it to gasoline, and you get a higher octane rating...

Add it to steel, and you get the hardest steel on earth.

Add it to aluminum, and you get a corrosion-resistant metal.

Add trace amounts to copper, and you get a super hard, heat-resistant alloy that carmakers use in temperature control devices

Add it to potassium, and you get a substance capable of purifying drinking water.
The list goes on, but you probably get the point:

Combine it with practically anything, and you can get something better... or different.

Seems fitting for a metal that comes from another galaxy...

Can you see why this metal is such a big deal? Or better yet, why an industrial giant like China might want to use it?

And, here's the part smart speculators should love: There's not much of it available. Demand far outstrips supply...

As Robin Bromby, commodities author and journalist writes, "The one thing to remember... is that there is no substitute for [it]– and not all that many big mines."

As incredible as this all might sound, I haven't even gotten into the exciting part of this story...

The real power of this extraterrestrial metal

What happens when you begin to manipulate 'Supernova Gold' on the molecular level?

Better yet, what happens when you play around with its individual atoms?

That's precisely what scientists have been attempting recently...

For instance, by taking a 'Supernova Gold' compound and combining it with Silicon, researchers at MIT have designed a "spaghetti-like tangle" of nanowires capable of cleaning up an oil spill.

It's a "thirsty membrane" that literally repels water... but is capable of holding 20-times its weight in oil.

"Our material can be left in water for a month or two, and when you take it out it is still dry," says MIT designer, Francesco Stellacci.

Even more amazing, is what is taking place in a Florida university lab...

By 'doping' semiconductor material with "Supernova Gold," scientists have created a computer chip that retains data even when the computer is turned off...
"When you turn your computer on it would be like a TV set – all the information would be there, and it will not have to reload the operating system," said Stephen Pearton, a UF professor of materials science.
Most computers, as you know, have to be "booted up" and powered down. If you unplug your computer in the middle of typing an email or a Word document, your information is typically lost. The data has to be stored in the hard drive and sent to the processor – and vice versa – every time you use it.

This new computer is different...

By exploiting the magnetic properties of "Supernova Gold," scientists have been able to manipulate the "spin" of electrons. By doing so, they've created the first computer that turns on and off just like a TV. When you flip the switch, the information is just there...

One day (in our lifetime), we'll walk into a Best Buy and find these TV-computers for sale. Not only will their memories operate like a television... but they'll also be millions of times faster than the computer I'm using to type this letter.

Okay, so I've told you a little bit about the role of 'Supernova Gold' in the future of technology. But what about today?

And what about you– how could you make a fortune from this trend?

Let me show you...

Next 6 months...

As you probably know, today, some of the world's biggest car companies are months away from launching their first mass-produced electric vehicles...

Over the next 6-12 months, Chevrolet, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Ford all plan to release new electric cars.

And companies like BMW, Honda, Volkswagen, Audi, Renault, and Toyota are all working on electric cars of their own.

Each car represents billions in R&D. The US Government, as you probably know, is behind the push. It's offering incredible incentives to first-time electric car buyers... and pouring $25 billion into the companies that make them.

This is a HUGE trend. And it's here to stay. Big carmakers don't commit that much money, across the board, unless it's the next big thing.

At the heart of it all is the battery. And at the heart of the new electric battery, is 'Supernova Gold.'

You see, for years, scientists couldn't find a combination of elements that would 1) store enough power and 2) do it safely enough to sell to the public.

They couldn't use the same battery technologies that powered laptops, cell phones and pda's. It just wouldn't cut it for a machine as powerful and energy intensive as an automobile.

By adding 'Supernova Gold' to a compound of lithium and nickel... researchers at MIT were able to create a battery that could charge 10-times faster... and much more stable than anything else out there.

That was four years ago... in a lab.

Today, these new 'Supernova Gold'-powered batteries are getting ready to roll off assembly lines...

In Western Michigan... the UK... South Korea...

Over the next 5 years, some folks expect this new market to grow by more than 30% a year... hitting $67 billion in 2015.

Clearly, there's a lot of money at stake here. Between electric cars, Chinese steel, and some of its more tech-centric applications, I've shown you how 'Supernova Gold' is a vital and valuable metal. But how do you make a fortune from it today?

Let me show you...

The 'Supernova Gold' Explosion

By now, you probably know that 'Supernova Gold' is not literally gold... or a form of gold. But you probably haven't been able to guess exactly what it is...

There's a reason for this...

As Ron Kolman, investment advisor and Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute writes, "Outside of a small group of metallurgists and chemists, [it] is a little-known element."

You see, 'Supernova Gold' is simply a term we use to describe the profit potential of a little known element called Manganese.

No one knows exactly when... Sometime after the Big Bang... and sometime before the first spark of intelligent life on this planet...

A heavy load of Intergalactic material (IGM) entered the earth's atmosphere...

And dispersed across 4-5 major locations.

This material contained, among other things, high concentrations of Manganese ('Supernova Gold').

Today, through carbon-dating and X-ray analysis... scientists have traced this material to the Perseus Galaxy – nearly 250 million light years from Earth!

Manganese, or 'Supernova Gold,' is incredibly valuable, especially in its high-grade form. It does come from outerspace. And we've found a no-brainer way you could make a fortune from it.

Here's how...

For the past 45 years, one of the biggest resource firms has been running the richest, high-grade "Supernova Gold" mine in the world.

If I said the name of the company, you'd probably recognize it.

Bottom line, this mine has been a cash cow. Last year, this resource giant generated $1.08 billion from it alone.

Now that's a decent amount of cash for any company. But the major players behind this operation were already HUGE– valued at more than $200 billion in the stock market. So their share price didn't move by much.

But just imagine if a super small company – 1/1,000th the size – fell into the same amount of "Supernova Gold" as this big giant...

What do you think might happen to its share price? Theoretically, it should soar by many, many multiples...

Well, on a recent trip to East Asia, that's exactly what we found:

We came across a 70-cent penny stock that just made the score of a lifetime...a "Supernova Gold" deposit potentially just as big – if not bigger – than the mine I just described.

Preliminary data suggests that there's enough 'Supernova Gold' here to make it one of the ten biggest deposits in the world...

And it's owned by a stock so small, you'd never find it in a million years on your own.

What this tiny company did was gutsy, to say the least...

They claimed all of the land rights surrounding this big company's "Supernova Gold" mine.

Why would they do such a thing?

Because their geologists learned something pretty interesting:

The 'Supernova Gold' deposit extended well BEYOND the big company's official mining claim...

And into unclaimed territory...

In other words, there were literally tons of "Supernova Gold," completely up for grabs! The other half of this big company's super rich mine had just been sitting there for decades, waiting to be plucked...

Until one small company came along and did just that. They grabbed it, and claimed it as their own.

Preliminary data suggests the land could contain more than 100 megatons of 'Supernova Gold' ore.

That's as much – if not more than – the amount of "Supernova Gold" the big mine contains!

In fact, there's so much 'Supernova Gold' on this tiny penny stock's new claim, that you can see it from aerial photographs...

It's just lying there – on the beach!

Do you see the black stuff? That's the ore– the material that contains the "Supernova Gold." The "Supernova Gold" itself looks a lot different. It's actually greyish-white and metallic looking.

When this tiny company laid claim to the area surrounding the big company's mine... the big company was, of course, furious! They immediately petitioned the national government to shut it down.

Of course, the government did no such thing. After all, the claim was completely legitimate...

The big company had simply missed out on an enormous opportunity to potentially double the size of their already HUGE mine– the richest of its kind in the world. They were angry... and justifiably so.

But their loss could be your potential gain.

And if you have any doubts about the value of this tiny company's new claim... look at what the giant firm did next...

As soon as this Supernova penny stock made its claim – the giant firm claimed all of the territory surrounding the land the tiny company had just claimed.

Crazy, I know...

But the point is, this incredibly small penny stock is sitting on a cash cow so big, that a huge resource giant would attempt to fight them for it.

If all of this 'Supernova Gold' was just sitting there, then why didn't the big company ever claim it as their own?

Good question. The tiny company's deposit lies in intertidal waters– where the land and sea meet. Back in the 1960's – when this big company first laid claim to the deposit – companies never set foot in the water...

The technology just didn't exist.

Today, companies mine ocean waters thousands of feet deep for resources of all kinds – oil, diamonds, gold, you name it.

It's not easy, or cheap. But companies do it all the time.

In this case, however, the water is literally knee-deep! Very little drilling or mining required. In many spots you can reach down and grab 'Supernova Gold'-rich rocks from the water.

Now, I've spoken with the officers from this company. The company has reported that official exploration is scheduled to begin in the next couple months.

Basically, they already know there's a ton of 'Supernova Gold' on their claim. Now they just need to confirm it, before they begin pouring money into getting it out of the ground. We will likely see a huge jump in the company's share price when that happens.


Well, because that's just the way the market reacts to these sorts of things. It happens all the time. A tiny penny stock either makes or confirms a new discovery and then – whoosh – the stock hits warp speed...

Consider Mag Silver Corp, which announced a big metals strike on one of its properties. Shares skyrocked more than 1,600%.

And then there's Minotaur Resources, a little-known miner whose shares rose 870 per cent in one day when it made a similar announcement.

Could this tiny 'Supernova Gold' penny stock rise as much as those companies?

I have no way of knowing how high it will go, of course. But I wouldn't be surprised one bit to see this tiny company's share price rise even higher than the examples I just mentioned.

Making several hundred per cent overnight is not bad... most investors unfortunately never see that rate of return. But I believe it could be peanuts compared to the possible upside we're looking at...

64-times your money?

So I just showed you what happens when tiny penny stocks announce or confirm big discoveries...

Now let's take a quick peek at the fundamentals of this situation...

The executives at this tiny company have made it perfectly clear that they plan to begin exploring and sampling before the end of the year...

Assuming this company reaches production stage, which we believe it will...

Then these guys could easily start raking in $1 billion in sales each year.

That's what its next door neighbor – the big resource giant I mentioned earlier – generated last year. Incredibly, this tiny company has stated they expect to mine twice as much 'Supernova Gold' in its first year of production.

If a tiny company worth less than $70 million in the stock market were to grow to have a market-cap of $1 billion...

You're looking at a 3,200%+ increase.

Said differently, if drilling is successful, and these guys mine that much 'Supernova Gold,' you could – at that rate of return – potentially turn a $5,000 stake into $160,000...

Or a $25,000 stake into $800,000!

Now, those are just our possible estimates once the company begins production. Remember, there's potentially a lifetime of 'Supernova Gold' in this tiny company's deposit.

Once they start tapping this stuff, they could feasibly crank out billions in sales every single year.

Who knows how high the share price could soar by that point. There's no way of telling for sure.

The point is, we've stumbled onto a real life opportunity for you to potentially make a ton of money. If this stock performs as we think it very likely could, you could easily make a small fortune in very little time at all.

That brings us to...

Worst Case Scenario?

We believe there's one big event that could stop this tiny penny stock from quickly becoming a resource giant...

That a big resource company – perhaps even their angry "next door neighbor" – tries to acquire this tiny 'Supernova Gold' miner.

If that happens, this stock could still return 100% or more. However, we think this is unlikely. The company has publicly stated its intentions:

To produce 'Supernova Gold' from this deposit... and turn their little company into a resource GIANT.

If they successfully follow through with that promise, then it's only a matter of time before these guys make early shareholders filthy stinking rich.

Either way, if you're interested in this opportunity, it's important to pick up shares right away. If these guys get bought out, it's most likely going to happen early.

If that happens – if these little guys get bought out – then shareholders could still make as much as several hundred percent overnight.

That's not bad of couse. But frankly I'll be disappointed if that happens.

But I just want you to be clear about the possibilities. Buyouts of this nature happen all the time in the mining industry.

Royal Gold, for example, has bought out a half dozen royalty and exploration firms, including most recently International Royalty Corp (ROY).

Early shareholders could have made as much as 449%.

Goldcorp has acquired 6 tiny businesses. And Newmont Mining has bought out seven companies, including Miramar Mining Ltd (which could have netted early shareholders gains of 434%)...

Again, I don't know if a buyout will happen or not. And it's NOT the ideal scenario I'm looking for.

The real reason I'm so excited about the prospects of this company is because chances are good this tiny "Supernova Gold" stock will confirm and develop this massive resource... potentially making you a once in a generation fortune in the process.

That said, here are a couple things to bear in mind...

For starters, you should know that this security is not traded on a domestic stock exchange. This means if your broker can't already buy this kind of stock, you may need to take a few extra steps to purchase shares. For example, some discount brokers like Interactive Brokers, Schwab and Fidelity are equipped to handle these trades. Others such as E-trade, Ameritrade, and Scottrade, are not.

If you have a full service broker, you should be able to buy this stock, no problem.

(We've done the homework to compile a comprehensive list of the best brokerage houses that'll allow you to buy these shares.)

So if you're one of the few people out there who still has a broker who can't buy international stocks, and you want to get involved... then either find a new broker, or sit this one out.

Second... any opportunity carrying this much potential upside (3,000% or more), doesn't come without a fair amount of risk too. You can't have one without the other.

Hypothetically speaking, there are dozens of things that could go wrong here. Remember, this is the mining industry after all.

What types of developments could derail this tiny firm?
Well, for starters, this tiny company is still in the exploration phase.. and has never mined a deposit this potentially large; they could botch the operation. The government could do an about-face and reject their claim. The Chinese could stop modernizing... the automotive industry could abandon electric cars... and the 'Supernova Gold' market could totally collapse...
Could any one of these things possibly happen?

Yes, of course. Anything is possible. But will they? Not likely, in our opinion...

If you want near-certainty, buy CD's or Government bonds. Definitely stay far, far away from the mining industry.

And that's the whole point: If this uncertainty didn't exist – if there weren't a certain level of risk – then the reward wouldn't be so potentially sky high.

So, how much time do you have, exactly?

And how can you take advantage of the situation....

Let me explain...

On Thursdsay, December 16th...

At the end of last year we hosted a time-sensitive conference call to discuss the details of the tiny "Supernova Gold" firm I've been telling you about...

We reviewed its plans to mine over a billion dollars worth of what could be some of the richest ore found anywhere in the past two decades.

We went over everything we know:
The timeline... the potential risks, rewards, and, of course, the identity of this little company, which we believe could make early shareholders an absolute fortune.
We had a high ranking executive from the "Supernova Gold" firm join us on the call.

Now everyone knows that company insiders only say positive things about their own company. After all, most of these guys have equity stakes in their business.

So for that reason, we also invited an independent expert to participate.

This man is an expert geologist and financial consultant.

This guy has nothing else on the line, other than his own solid reputation as an independent expert... It'll be our job to ask the tough questions... and make sure this company is the real deal, which we believe it to be...

These gentlemen were on the phone with us...and subscribers to our most exclusive research service, Phase 1 Investor could listen in.

You could too...

Well, let me explain...

Why We've Poured Over a Million Dollars
into These Ideas...

In Phase 1, we target only the smallest and most potentially explosive opportunities– tiny, early-stage businesses with "big ideas" that can change the face of business... and potentially grow 500%-1,000% or more in the process.

So, how do you do this?

How do you find tiny companies with the next "big idea?"

I never would have found this tiny 'Supernova Gold' stock simply by surfing the Internet.

There's a database we use in our office... it searches through over 1,100 journals, magazines and newspapers...

It wasn't mentioned in any of them. Not the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Fortune, or Barrons either.

It's so small and obscure that practically no one besides metals junkies and regional experts knows about it...

You see, the mainstream media seldom covers companies this small – no matter how big their discovery or announcement.


Because it's not good business. The simple fact is, most folks don't buy tiny penny stocks. They buy ETFs or mutual funds. So big advertisers aren't going to pay a lot of money to magazines and websites that cover them.

And, because the charters of most large financial institutions legally prevent them from investing in the market's smallest stocks, there's very little information published about these companies.

That's good news for you and me...

That means there's a whole universe of secret opportunities available to the person with the time and resources to track them down.

If we hadn't traveled to East Asia and spoken to men and women on the ground there, we never would have found this tiny company...

In other words, you have to do some serious digging and good old fashioned due diligence.

In fact, since we started publishing Phase 1 Investor in 2000, between air miles logged (over 100 company visits and 3 dozen trips to academic institutions such as MIT and Harvard Medical School), technology and medical conferences, high-priced consultants and highly educated on-staff experts...

We've spent well over a million dollars tracking down the best small cap ideas.

You see, to really make a fortune in small, cutting edge companies – you need an on-the-ground, insider's perspective.

You need to speak with the scientists, miners, the programmers, and engineers...

You need to grill the fast-talking CEO's and collect feedback from whistle-blowing executives and informants.

I've spent most of my life doing just that...

My late father was a well-known money manager and newsletter writer in New York for 25 years. I took over the family business at a young age, managing money and writing my father's letter. Eventually, I left to work for a well-known hedge fund manager... before joining S&A Research.

What I've learned in all this time confirms what most people probably believe about finance...

That who you know matters just as much, if not more than whether you can read a balance sheet or do discounted cash flow analysis.

Like it or not, that's the way it is...

This is especially true with small stocks, where much of the critical information worth finding exists only in the minds of insiders and industry specialists.

That's how I found about this amazing "Supernova Gold" opportunity...

I went to Asia expecting to find a story about infrastructure in China. What I found instead, after talking to a contact of mine... was another well-placed insider who knew about an amazing story taking place in another part of the Eastern Hemisphere.

And that's how I was able to quickly arrange the players for the call we hosted...

In Phase 1 Investor, we aim to find the kinds of opportunities that can literally change your life– where an investment of $10,000 could quickly turn into enough money to buy a new beach house... pay for a college education... or allow you to quit work, forever.

So how much does one year of Phase 1 Investor research cost...?

A better question might be... could you really make $4 million or more with our research? believe it or not, it's happened...

You see, one year of Phase 1 Investor research is not cheap.

We charge a lot of money for this service for two reasons:

ONE: It's time-and-labor intensive work. As I mentioned earlier, since inception we've spent more than 1 million dollars on producing this research. And with all the overhead costs, roughly $600,000 this year alone.

TWO: A high price tag helps to keep this group small. I know this probably seems contrary to our business interests, but we don't want a lot of people piling into Phase 1.


Because we focus on some of the smallest and most illiquid securities in the market. If too many people try to get in on these deals, the share price could go through the roof, and the opportunity would be lost.

That said, I believe Phase 1 Investor is an incredible bargain, considering the amount of time and money that goes into each recommendation... and considering the returns these recommendations could generate.

Take Phase 1 subscriber, Jack Miligan, who told us he was up $32,487...

"I've subscribed to many research advisories in the past 30 years and Phase 1 is by far best in my judgment," Jack writes.

In just 3 weeks, subscriber Don Elfman generated enough to "pay for a bathroom remodel!"

And – get this – subscriber Albert Griffin made over 4 million dollars! He got in on a recommendation (IDBE) that was originally featured in Phase 1 and later featured in one of our other letters.

Granted, it happened over the course of about 2 years...

But still, that's incredible!

But getting back to the price...

I've seen boutique Wall Street firms like Ned Davis charge as much as $25,000 for access to their research and analysis.

One full year of Phase 1 Investor research costs $5,000.

And let's just get this out of the way... if that seems like a small fortune to you, you should just stop reading right now. And I apologize if I wasted any of your time.

You see, seasoned investors know that quality investment research does not come cheap.

Personally, I believe it's a bargain, when you consider how just one of these opportunities could pay you back several times over, in no time at all...

Phase 1 Investor is designed for a very small group of aggressive but prudent readers, who want the chance to make serious money, but can stomach the bumpy ride that can lead to major returns.

If that's you, then let me show you what to do to get started... and what you get as a new member...


If you're interested in trying Phase 1 Investor, then here's what I recommend you do...

Sign up for Phase 1 Investor ASAP.

This will give you immediate access to our conference call held at the end of last year.

You'll get to hear everything you need to know about this opportunity... including what our outside experts have to say.

Within 30 minutes of signing up, you'll also receive an email giving you access to our password-protected, subscribers-only Phase 1 website, where you'll be able to find recent reports and briefings...

We encourage you to read these reports over. Many of the recommendations are still considered major "buys." (Just check out the current recommended portfolio once you sign in for more details.)

But before you do, there's one more thing you should know before signing up...

We also published a Phase 1 Investor report on this 'Supernova Gold' opportunity.

It's called "SUPERNOVA GOLD": How this Mysterious Metal from Outerspace Could Make You 3,000% or more.

You'll have immediate access to a copy the moment you become a member of Phase 1. It will be posted it to the subscribers-only website, alongside the other research reports we publish each month.

We encourage you to read this report RIGHT AWAY.

After doing so, you'll know 95% of what you need to know about this 'Supernova Gold' story...

You'll get the name of the company... how many shares to consider buying... when and how far we think this stock could rise, etc...

The rest... will be revealed on the conference call.

For that, you will also have immediate access to our subscription-only website.

Of course, you'll also receive a new Phase 1 Investor research briefing every month for the duration of your subscription...

And there's just one more thing...

When you give Phase 1 Investor a try, you'll have three months to decide if this research service is right for you.

Like I said, it's certainly not right for everyone.

3 months should give you plenty of time to see how our recommendations perform.

If you decide Phase 1 is not for you, let us know within the next 3 months. We'll give you a refund, minus a 10% fee.

Why 10%, unfortunately, we've instituted this policy to deter folks from signing up just to get the research reports, then immediately canceling.

Believe it or not, people do this.

Should you cancel after your 3-month trial period ends, we'll give you a prorated refund based on the time left in your subscription.

Oh, one other thing I should point out...

For a limited time, you can claim a one-time only discount to your Phase 1 Investor subscription.

When you click on the button below, the order form will have more details.

So... if you are interested in the chance to see some serious gains in 2011...

I suggest you sign up for Phase 1 Investor today.

Again, just Subscribe Now to get started.

By signing up today, you'll receive a copy of "SUPERNOVA GOLD": How this Mysterious Metal from Outerspace Could Make You 3,000% or more, AND access to the conference call.

Plus, you'll get a new Phase 1 Investor research report every single month for the next year – that's a dozen of our most exclusive ideas... twelve opportunities to see incredible gains in 2011.

And you'll be granted access to our exclusive, password-protected Phase 1 Investor website, where you'll find the entire archive of our research.

This could be the biggest opportunity we've seen anywhere in the history of our business. The potential upside is ridiculously high– you could, if things go the way we think they might, make a fortune.

So, if you're interested in learning all about this tiny company's discovery... if you enjoy speculating with a small part of your portfolio... and can afford to take risks that could pay off huge...

Then a subscription to Phase 1 Investor is no-brainer.

Click here to Subscribe Now

Good investing,

Frank Curzio
Editor, Phase 1 Investor
December 2010

Subscribe Now :(No debit cards please) When you pay for a one-year subscription to Phase 1 Investor with your credit card, you will be billed $3,000. Each year after, we will automatically bill your card for $3,000. You will receive at least one postcard reminder in the mail before your subscription is auto-renewed. With this auto-renew feature, you lock in this low available price, and guarantee that you never miss an issue of Phase 1 Investor. This "auto-renew" feature does not obligate you in any way, you may opt out of auto-renew at any time after this purchase. You will still have the next 3 months to review the Phase 1 research. And even if you cancel after that you'll get a prorated refund.


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