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Starting January 24,2011, any payout requests WITHOUT FIRST AND LAST NAME will be cancelled and your earnings will be removed and considered a site donation. RESUBMIT PAYMENT PAYMENT REQUEST WITH FIRST and LASTNAME and email address you USE here. Please review your account profile and make sure the information is correct and that your full name and correct country is there before you request. I have already seen some in the requests area, so now is your chance to cancel your request and correct it before submitting again. You will have till noon tomorrow before I make any payments to those members.
I did pay uyuyuyu9@gmail.com $1.08 .
But iyutrefff@gmail.com does not exist in this system. The Username iyutrefff does exist but with a different email address.I need to be able to identify who I am paying by First and Last Name, Country and email address that you use at FSC. I will only be paying with PayPal for the next couple of months.
Please join this forum and reply to this if you have questions or comments:

Thank you, FSC Admin

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