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- Please post your messages only once. The repetitions are unpleasant and useless!
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Before you begin, there are just a couple of rules we want to make clear so that you have the best experience possible. If you are a new user please be sure to check out the existing posts so you know what this forum is all about.

1. Only Post Appropriate Content: No content that is graphic, pornographic or of an adult nature in any way. Including links from Sig Files!

2. Respect Others: We’re all here trying to do better so, that being said, no name calling, hate speech or rude comments of any nature may be made about any other individual, group or product.

3. Use Appropriate Language: No profanity of any kind whether used in serious context or joking.

4. Obey The Laws: Any posts containing content or links that violate local or international law in any way are not tolerated. This includes but is not limited to copyrighted material and posting links to offers that are illegal or cannot be honored.

5a. Post Meaningful Content Only: Credits received through posting meaningless content will be deleted. This includes posting one word at a time or repeating the same post more than once. Posting the same message in several threads is also not aloud.

Do not post in any thread for the sole purpose of earning ad credits. That includes meaningless posts containing one liners like "thank you" or "cool info" or "I agree"... or "I sent you a PM" any other comments containing no value.

5b. Do not double post in the same thread or different categories.

6. [b]Spamming Is A Huge No No
: If you are caught spamming your account access will be removed permanently. Period.

7. No Advertising or Trolling: Ads may be placed in appropriate places at the discretion of the forum moderator but never within a post. This includes affiliate links. Trolling is also not allowed.

8. Do Not PM the Moderators - If your post was deleted do not pm th moderators asking why or complaining. They are doing the best job they can and if you complain you may be permanently gagged.

9. Signature files: Sig files can be no longer then 5 lines (including blank lines) and can NOT contain any images, banners or other code that will break out of the forum frame. The rules regarding HTML in Rule #10 below also apply for signature files.

10. Don't abuse html: No using annoying text sizes, colors, or images in your posts. Please keep all posts text based w/ normal-sized font (the default sized font for the forum). We have some minor html features - if these are abused, we will turn them off.

11. Affiliate Links: Affiliate links are allowed in the body of posts if and only if it is within the context of a question or request for a recommendation by the poster. In other words, if a recommendation request or question is posed on forum and you feel your link would be beneficial to the original poster (and the forum in general) you may include an affiliate link. Blatant posting of affiliate links outside of this context will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate termination of your account.

If any post violates one or more of these rules they will be removed at our discretion along with the credit for that post and without giving prior notice. If problems persist, after one warning your account will be suspended temporarily. After two warnings your access will be permanently removed. All decisions are final.

These rules can be modified or changed at any time without notice.