Your Health and The Neways Opportunity

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Your Health and The Neways Opportunity

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By: William H. Stewart

I have been motivated to join Neways and its mission partly due to the marvelous financial opportunity available through Neways but mostly because my aunt, Dr. Harriet L. Hardy, was the first female full Professor at Harvard Medical School where she taught Industrial Toxicology for 25 years and wrote the book "Industrial Toxicology" with Dr. Alice Hamilton. She also taught Public Policy at the Harvard School of Public Health as well as being the full-time Director of Environmental Medicine at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She instilled in me the value of protecting public welfare against the corporate desire to maximize profits without any regard for human safety. Neways International is one of the few outstanding corporations whose mission is to protect the public's health through the manufacture and distribution of non-toxic products.

Neways was founded here in the United States in 1987 by Tom and Dee Mower after discovering that many of the household and personal care products in the market place contained harmful, toxic, even cancer causing ingredients. The Mowers made a commitment to create effective products without these potentially harmful ingredients. Today Neways distributes its huge range of household and personal care products and cutting-edge nutritional formulas to well over 23 countries worldwide.
Neways has developed a 5-step approach to health and longevity.

Step One- Detoxify your body. Eliminate those things in your home that contain ingredients that are harmful to your body and take Purge,Cascading Revenol, Cassie Tea, D-Toxarate, Perillyl Extract and Green Qi.

Step Two- Feed your body. After cleansing your body, replenish and feed your cleansed self with Neways nutritional supplements. Renew Your Cells:Purify your body of toxins and free radicals that can make you feel sluggish and slow your ability to generate life-enhancing energy with Maximol Solutions, Omega 3 EPA ,Mineral Solutions,Super Noni Tea,Neways Hawaiian Noni,VMM, and Orachel.

Step Three- Preserve your youth. With a properly nourished body the final step is longevity. This is accomplished through Neways proprietary longevity promoting , Anti-Aging products for Bones & Joints(Anatomix,Renu,Glucosamine Plus), Cardiovascular Health (Youthinol,Respirall), Digestive Health ( Digestamin, Protozymes, Protectiver, Feelin' Good), Preventive Health (Orbitol for eyes), Immune Health (Echinacea), Men and Women's Health ,Aromatherapy: (Eucalyptus, Lemongrass,Wild Rosemary)Dental Care, Shaving, Deodorant, Skin-Sun Care, Baby Care( Genrations Lotion) ,Fitness (Mass Advantage,Ming Gold) & Weight Control (ProMega, Prozinger, Curb,ProThin).

Step Four- True Color Cosmetics : Beauty & Cleanliness withOUT Toxics: True Color Cosmetics, Lustrous Nails System, Pro Attitude Salon Products,Newbrite Household Products and Optimal Plus Pet Care.
YouTube Video on Neways Cosmetic and Personal Care Products

Step Five- Preserve Your Automobile-ROIL Treatment system: Roil Gold Metal Conditioner,Roil Fuel Additive,Roil Diesel Fuel Additive.

Along with the health and longevity mission, Neways offers customers who believe in the "health and longevity" message the opportunity to become independent Neways distributors and make health and longevity their mission and their business.
After visiting this site, you should have a good feel for what Neways is all about. It is more than just a company: it is a mission. A mission to expose harmful ingredients in our everyday products. A mission to produce new products that have no harmful ingredients.

Please browse through this site and learn about the products Neways has to offer. If you would like to hear testimonials from people who have used Neways products, click on testimonials.
After you visit this site, consider your buying habits. Are you doing damage to yourself by using some of the products you have bought? Consider trying some of the Neways products. They work wonderfully.

Out of 100 people who reach age 65, 1 person is rich, 4 are financially secure, 40 are barely getting by, 55 are broke, and 89 are still working! Not very good odds, right?

If you want to be one of the 5 that are financially secure, I suggest you follow someone who’s wealthy! You see… Most people don’t understand money. The astonishing truth is, we aren’t taught in school how to make money and it’s misunderstood by 96% of the people! For instance, there are only 3 ways to make money:

1. Trading time for money (job) – the worst way yet 96% of the people do it.

2. Invest money to make money – better, but only 3% of the people have enough to invest.

3. Use leverage to multiply your time through the efforts of others – it’s where 96% of all money is earned, yet only 1% of the people are aware of how to do it. You earn money around the clock regardless of what you’re doing.

The only way to take advantage of leverage is to own your own business. But you must own the right kind of business!
Build your Neways business automatically with our Wealth Building System! We have a unique, proven marketing system that done completely by mail that’s exclusive to our downline. It makes building a business simple and fast because no selling is required.

Here’s how simple building this business is… To earn money monthly you only need to do the same 2 things we’re doing:

1. Spend part of the same money you are already spending on products you use everyday at Neways instead of your current store. (Transfer your buying to Neways – same dollars, new store.)

2. Participate in our proven direct mail marketing system to find others who want to do the same . NO SELLING is REQUIRED! Each person buys only the products they want to use and Neways pays you a commission check on the purchases of everyone in your group. Within a relatively short period of time you could have hundreds of people that you are earning commissions from you every month. This can add up to a great deal of money per month!

I have researched and personally used many name lists of prospective MLM Participants for mail and email, and I know which are the best and most cost efficient. I am a former systems administrator, web designer and web design instructor at Clark University,Worcester,Mass. and Katharine Gibbs School,Boston,Mass. All products are made in America by Americans!!

If you call me or email that you are interested in joining my organization, I will make sure you receive all the benefits of the Fast Start program in your Neways distributor agreement. The best way to start is to sign up in at least a Bronze Direct Ship program.
PLEASE CONTACT ME by Email: or by phone at 1-401-369-4617 to find out how you can get started becoming financially independent at home in your own business ensuring you and your family, as well as your customers, are free from toxic substances in normal, everyday products. This is an opportunity you can be PROUD of not just profitable with !!!
God Bless You and America,
William Stewart

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