20 Ways to Make Money with Internet Marketing

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20 Ways to Make Money with Internet Marketing

Post  Admin on Fri May 22, 2009 7:16 pm

Internet Marketing can be mostly distinguished from Internet Advertising by the fact
that it includes search engine optimization techniques and brand building with the use
of logos and photographs. When you engage in internet marketing, you are not just exposing
potential customers to what your company offers,you are associating specific keywords
with your website,products and company. The most effective way to do this is through
one-way links that are part of the content of another website,as in an article. Other
very prevalent methods are to use link exchanges or to reciprocally exchange links with
other prominent,high-page ranking websites.

In reality there are only two ways to get targeted traffic: either you buy it via different
advertising programs (AdWords, Overture, ExactSeek, PPC, Traffic Exchanges, Safelists) or
you reach top positions with your web sites and search engines send you targeted traffic for
free. All Internet marketers know that search engine traffic is the best traffic in the Internet,
because millions of people are searching, and if your web site can give them what they are
looking for - you get sales.

1. http://www.articlemarketer.com/12375-0-1-4.html<img border="0" src="http://www.articlemarketer.com/idevaffiliate/banners/am_468x60a.gif" width="468" height="60">
Get a 3 Month,6 Month,Annual or Lifetime Membership in Article Marketing and Distribute Your Articles to over 3,600 of the Most Important Article Directories. I repeat, only about half of the directories are possible to 100% automate. Some of the best directories employ captcha, at least during the account registration process. That means you still have to spend couple of seconds per article directory to register for an account! That's just how things are. Products which claim 100% automation DO NOT submit to authority sites. Although useful, not submitting to authority article directories is NOT article marketing and not even close to the real power of article marketing.</p>

2.http://misterlinker.comClick Now on Mister Linker andWatch your Links Skyrocket

3.http://www.autolinkexchanger.com/?go=1113<img border="0" src="http://www.autolinkexchanger.com/banners/468x60.gif" align="center" width="468" height="60" alt="Free Link Exchange Software">

http://www.autolinkexchanger.com/?go=1113Auto Link Exchanger
Software Free Automatic ReciprocalLink Exchange Software:
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4. Submit to 30,000 Articles Sites http://www.justarticlessubmission.com/amember/go.php?r=614&i=l0

5. Click here to get IM Buzz Software Membership :Free Instant Access To The Rebranding Rights to TWELVE of Our Previously Released Viral Buzz Software! ($265 Value) http://www.imbuzzsoftware.com/?afid=9957
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As I said, it is my preference to submit only to those directories who do not require a reciprocal link. I am looking for one way links. Many directories are free and some require payment. Handle this in your own way. You may want to select a directory with a good rank and pay for inclusion, and make the rest of your submissions to free directories. It is up to you and your budget.</P>
When submitting to directories, do a little homework first. Bring up notepad and make a list of keywords you want to focus on, and make up some descriptions for your website. Making up more than one description is good. Some directories encourage you to make your description more lengthy than others. But don't get carried away, describe your website in the third person and don't make it a sales pitch.

You can get a free copy of NoteTab Light http://www.notetab.com. The advantages of NoteTab Light are many, but the reason I suggest it here is to save you time in your pursuit of one way links. You can enter your descriptions into NoteTab Light and under the tools section click on text statistics it will give you word and character counts which can be useful. Many directories limit words or characters. You can have several versions along with the word count, and you will know which one will be accepted by the directory.
Once you have brought up a directory, look at some of the listings. This will give you a feel for the directory and what they allow. Some are strict about site title and some are not. Be sure and follow their guidelines or you won't get listed. Choose the right category for your website. If possible choose a category containing one of your keywords. If they ask for keywords, list them in their order of importance in relation to your website.

6. This [url]http://www.strongestlinks.com/directories.php[/ url]directory list gives you a variety of information.

7. Here is another http://www.directoriezsubmission.com/free-web-directories.htm useful directory list.

8. Submit Your Website To Thousands Of Website Directories Instantly! http://LLAryfq8.bryxen5.hop.clickbank.net

9. Save time and effort on directory submissions by using a professional directory submission service!
- Use Directory Maximizer ! http://www.directorymaximizer.com/af.php?af=2109&ad=13&p=1

Other lists can be found on the Internet. Before you list in directories, be sure your website is finished and functional.
While it is true that you will always be working on your website adding content, updating content etc., before you put it
on the Internet and start promoting it be sure it is functional. You need to have some good content, navigation, and anything
required by law such as contact info, privacy policy and disclaimers if necessary. And make sure there are no dead links.
Directories are a good source of one way links, but they are just one way to get them. Always be on the alert for
other methods that will bring you one way links without upsetting the search engines.
Next you'll find information about another good way to bring your website one way links, traffic and credibility.

10 .One unusual method very rarely thought of is to use [url] http://www.websuccess4you.biz/Internet_Marketing/GoogleAdPrint.html[/url] Google Print Ads but even more significantly,

11. <a target="_blank" href="http://LLAryfq8.bryxen5.hop.clickbank.net"><b>Submit Your Website To Thousands Of Website Directories Instantly!</b></a>

12. Find Hundreds And Thousands Of Themed Links In Minutes! with Edwin Comment Demon
Get 100s of High PR Links For Free: http://edwinsoft.com/go.php?offer=LLAryfq8&pid=2

13. HyperVRE -- Viral Adsense Software. A Fellow Member Just Made Over $12,000 In One Month With AdSense! Get Others To Promote Your Affiliate Links On Over 2,046,000 Webpages Across The Internet http://llaryfq8.mcallen2.hop.clickbank.net/ !

14. [url]http://www.gotlinks.com/one_way_features_promo.php?aff=34315[/ url]TEXT LINKS Pointing to your site!</A></P>
<p>15. http://my-easy-submitter.com/clickthru.pl?id=willprospector
<img src='http://my-easy-submitter.com/banner.pl?id=1' border=0 alt="My-Easy-Submitter.com">

16. [/url]http://hop.clickbank.net/?LLAryfq8/ifsmall[/url]
Buy Targeted Website Visitors

17. http://www.websuccess4you.biz/eBay/index.html HOW TO MAKE MONEY on eBAY- All the best and every conceivable eBook about how to be a Power Seller<a>

18. http://www.justarticlessubmission.com/amember/go.php?r=614&i=l1 Just Articles Submission Service: Submit Articles to
Over 30,000 Article Directories with One-Way Links Pointing Back to your Website

19. http://www.majon.com/malllink.html/refid-willswebservice
Majon Mall Link: Get 11,000 + One-Way Links for Only $59.95 per Month !

20. Do Link Exchanges Really Work?</b></strong>

Does exchanging links with other sites work as a way to get traffic and visitors to your website? You bet it does! I had been recently spending lots of time getting link exchange partners with my busy forum The Free Ad Forum.

This is a great way to get free traffic and free advertising but I have a better deal for you. Put away your wallet because this is 100% free. Real free traffic. You pay zip, nada, zilch, zero. Why not place your free, permanent advertising on ALL of my sites? I have been promoting these sites for years and now you can benefit from the traffic. My sites range from about 40,000 Alexa to around 200,000. This means that if I have an Alexa ranking of 40k that there are only 40,000 sites on the internet which are busier than mine. Considering that there are millions of sites on the internet this is very busy. This type of traffic translates to about 300-400 people per day signing up for my newsletters.

All you have to do is go to http://www.quickregister.net/linkexchanges and bookmark this site. It has all the direct urls to my different site╠s link exchange pages. You can then exchange links with all of my sites. Yeah, I know all the SEO geeks say that link exchanges are out. Well stats do not lie. I checked my webalyzer stats and I am getting lots and lots of traffic from link exchanges. Also I checked and many of even the sub directories of my link exchange directories are getting lots of natural traffic from the search engines. I am going to post a video on the Quickregister.net Website Promotion Tips Blog showing my webalyzer stats and exactly where the traffic is coming from. By the way it has not hurt my SEO one bit. Go ahead and type in ¤free search engine submission servicesË in Google. I am number 4 right now. All the other sites ahead of me are major SEO companies with many people working for them. I did all this in my boxer shorts from my condo. So this link exchange stuff works and it is free.

See http://www.quickregister.net/linkexchanges to start getting free permanent traffic now. Thanks for reading I hope you find this free advertising method gets you is an effective marketing tool in getting visitors to your website.

For more free tips on how to promote your website check out the <a href="http://www.quickregister.net/wordpress">Quickregister.net Internet Marketing Tips Blog

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http://www.topsafelistbiz.com/partners Add your permanent free ad on the <b>Topsafelistbiz.com</b> link exchange system.

http://www.leadclub.net/infowizards Add your permanent free ad on the <b>Leadclub.net</b> link exchange system.

http://www.quickregister.net/partners/ Add your permanent free ad on the Quickregister.net link exchange system.

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