Tiny Rare Earth Mining Company Scoops:“$58 Billion Mining Co

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Tiny Rare Earth Mining Company Scoops:“$58 Billion Mining Co Empty Tiny Rare Earth Mining Company Scoops:“$58 Billion Mining Co

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Tiny Rare Earth Mining Company Scoops:“The $58 Billion Mining Coup of the Century”

Dear Money Morning Reader,
The world is addicted to rare earth metals...

Without them, we couldn't make batteries for iPods, Blackberry Smartphones, Prius electric cars, computer chips, jet engines, flat screen TVs, cell phones or surgical lasers.

But one little mining company just unearthed the biggest rare earth metals discovery in 83 years - worth an estimated $58 Billion.

When the news hits mainstream, this penny stock should go ballistic and early investors could pocket 1,443% gains by January 31.

Mike Ward
Publisher, Money Morning

[url=http://www.sovereignsociety.com/pages/svs/video/REM.php?pub=SVS&code=MSVSLC15&o=239106&s=241746&u=26641111&l=201067&r=Milo ]P.S. There's a brief window of opportunity to get in while this junior miner is still dirt cheap and still virtually unknown. I urge you to click here now - before this stock takes off. [/url]

After you watch the video, you can check out my great research here:

Greenland Minerals

Greenland Minerals Receives Permit for the Full Evaluation of the Kvanefjeld Multi-Element Project (REEs, U, Zn)

Read Full PDF and Appendix 1. Statement of identified mineral resources, Kvanefjeld multi-element project, Greenland

Greenland Minerals and Energy Ltd (“GMEL” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce that it has received approval by the government of Greenland to fully evaluate the Kvanefjeld multi-element project, inclusive of radioactive elements (uranium).

The permit has been issued in accordance with the recent amendment to the standard terms for exploration licenses in Greenland that creates a framework for the evaluation of mineral deposits that include uranium amongst other economic elements. Kvanefjeld is an unusual mineral deposit located near the southern tip of Greenland that is enriched in rare earth elements (REEs), uranium and zinc, and is widely known to contain one of the world’s largest resources of REEs (see Appendix 1).

GMEL is the first company in Greenland to receive permitting for the evaluation of a project that includes uranium. The permit has been issued following a hearing process in Greenland that involved the National Environmental Research Institute, the Ministry for Health, the Ministry of Domestic Affairs, Nature and Environment (NNPAN) as well as the South Greenland municipality. The permit is supplementary to the exploration license that covers Kvanefjeld and the broader northern Ilimaussaq complex (license 2010/02).

Critical components of a definitive, or bankable, feasibility study are the Environmental and Social Impact Assessments, which are to follow the guidelines established by Greenland’s Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum (BMP). At the completion of the definitive feasibility study, including the environmental and social impact assessments the Company will lodge an application for an exploitation license with the BMP.

Roderick McIllree, Managing Director of GMEL commented, “We are extremely pleased to receive approval under Greenland’s newly amended license terms and can now properly evaluate the Kvanefjeld project, inclusive of uranium. Kvanefjeld can now enter the next phase in the path to development and we will be working closely with Greenlandic stakeholders to determine the best possible development scenarios.”

In 2011 GMEL is planning on closing out the current pre-feasibility study with a final report before commencing a definitive feasibility study in the latter half of the year. Results from the 2010 exploration program will be finalized and announced in early 2011.

Yours Faithfully,
Greenland Minerals and Energy Ltd.

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